A libertarian Democrat?

October 2, 2006 at 2:53 pm

Markos Moulitsas thinks such a thing exists, and apparently so does CATO. Here is my favorite charge that Kos levels against conservatives in his CATO essay:

They want to dictate when life begins, when life ends, and which consenting adults can marry.

Riiiiiiiiiight…Conservatives, not rabidly pro-abortion liberals, are the ones who want to dictate when life begins.

You see silly reader, it is conservatives who insist on an objective beginning point for life — conception — and an objective end point — physical death — who are the ones “dictating” when life begins and ends. It is not pro-abortion liberals who insist that a fully formed fetus who could survive on its own outside the womb is not a human being unless its head is outside of the birth canal…no, no, no. They are not the ones dictating the beginning and end of life. Nor is it the liberals in academia lead by people like Princeton’s Peter Singer who insists on an after birth waiting period until an infant has an awareness of its surroundings before it is “really human.” No, it is not Singer and his fellow intelligentsia nor is it the abortion on demand crowd…Kos saith, it is the conservatives.