Chapman to DeMint’s Office

2007 brings a big change for me.

I recently accepted a position with South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. Starting this week I will be leaving Heritage to serve as DeMint’s Senior Communications Advisor. In that capacity I will be helping Senator DeMint with speechwriting and communications strategies.

Of course, given my background I will be paying special attention to the blogosphere. Conservative bloggers will have a friend and a resource in Senator DeMint, no doubt about it.

DeMint was recently elected to chair the conservative Senate Republican Steering Committee. As leader of that group, I believe DeMint is poised to become an even more visible conservative leader in a Congress that is now ripe for such leadership.

Late in the 109th Congress observers saw Senator DeMint team up with Senator Tom Coburn to shut down the Senate favor factory much to the chagrin of many pork-addicted lawmakers. Those kind of heroics will become even more necessary now that the GOP is in the minority and in need of a righting of the ship. Keep an eye out for DeMint as he leads the charge on issues conservatives care most deeply about in the 110th Congress.

The Heritage Foundation will always be my ideological home. For decades now Heritage has been on the front lines of the battle fighting hard to build an America “where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish.” In that fight Heritage has so often been the standard bearer for Reaganesque conservative principles that have been the anchor to which conservatives are tethered.

My affiliation with Heritage makes me proud.

Of late, Heritage has recognized the growing importance of new media and has made strategic decisions to be a leader in the field. Hiring me was part of that strategy and they have done one better in hiring my replacement, Rob Bluey from Human Events.

Under Rob’s leadership Heritage will continue to be a leader in the think tank world when it comes to new media.

As for, I will keep the site and the archives up but my posting will be rare and will probably concentrate on less political topics — to be honest, I have yet to really work out what I will do with this space. Subscribe to the rss feed if you want to be notified of occassional new posts.

So for now, this is a sign off of sorts. I will still write, but it will be for Senator DeMint and Senate conservatives at the Steering Committee. I look forward to the challenge that this presents and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work for Senator DeMint.

Finally, thanks to all of you who have been regular readers of this blog. Without you guys checking in daily and joining in the conversation via email or comments, my blogging would not have been nearly as much fun.

11 Responses to “Chapman to DeMint’s Office”

  1. Chris Says:

    good luck

  2. Ben Says:

    Congrats Tim. Your posts are a sure treat to read (I swing by frequently), and a great insight to the goings on of the conservative movement. As much as your schedule is sure to change, I hope you’ll find a few minutes here and there to update us on life and events going on around you!

    Best of luck working for Sen. DeMint.

  3. ajmac Says:

    Congratulations and go after ‘em.

  4. LargeBill Says:

    Congrats to you (and to the senator for making a good hiring decision).

    Maybe you could just complain about the state of the Browns. That should be far enough removed from your official responsibilities to keep you out of trouble. :-)

  5. Paul Teller Says:

    DeMint is extremely lucky to have you, Tim. Somehow, we hope you find a way to still blog.

  6. Hazen Says:

    You da man.

  7. Merry GOP-Round at Blog P.I. Says:

    […] Last year Mark Tapscott, Director of the Center for Media and Public Policy, decamped for the Washington Examiner editorial page. Shortly thereafter, Tim Chapman took the job, fresh off a stint with during Townhall’s “middle period.” Now he too is moving on, to assume the role of Senior Communications Adviser for Sen. Jim DeMint. Taking his place as of February 1 will be Rob Bluey, current online editor of Human Events. […]

  8. Jack Says:

    Congratulations on your new position.

    “The meaning of communication is the response it receives.”

    Far too few people, especially politicians and media, practice this principle.

  9. GC Lax Says:

    Congrats Timmy! Take it to the cage.

  10. kyle8 Says:

    congrats, and rats, One less good blog to read.

  11. J. Singh-Sohal Says:

    Glad to hear you are doing so well for yourself.
    It’s been a long time since we worked together at Heritage … I’m now a local TV reporter and it’s awesome!

    Do keep in touch, it’d be nice to hear from you.


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