Bush: Tax hikes on the table for Social Security

The Washington Post:

Signaling a new flexibility on issues in the wake of the Democrats’ wins, Bush said he is willing to discuss Democratic ideas for solving the Social Security problem, including tax increases. “I don’t see how you can move forward without people feeling comfortable about putting ideas on the table,” Bush said when asked about the prospect of tax increases to keep Social Security solvent. “I have made it clear that I have a way forward that can do it [without raising taxes] and I want to hear other people’s opinions.”

Here is the problem: Bush will put tax increases in the table for discussion while Democrats will continue to say no to discussing personal retirement accounts. It is not a fair trade. This is a strategy that I fear will end with a poor solution for the Social Security problem and a tax increase. If that happens, all the effort that this President has put forth to avoid the “read my lips” moment that his father could not will have been for nothing.

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