A cut?

The Washington Post buys into the beltway mode of thinking about federal spending:

The Republican-controlled Congress’s decision to adjourn a week ago before completing many of the spending bills that finance the federal government will reverberate in ways large and small, such as understaffed U.S. attorney’s offices, delayed renovations at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut and a scuttled global nuclear energy exchange.

Republican leaders left behind just enough spending authority to keep the government operating through mid-February, less than halfway through the 2007 fiscal year that began Oct. 1. Democrats have signaled that when they take control of Congress in January they will extend that funding authority for the remainder of the year based largely on the previous year’s spending levels, which will result in many cuts in programs.

If the funding is at last year’s levels that is by definition not a cut. It may mean that some programs will have to “cut” their planned spending for this year that was based on assumed future spending increases. But that is far different than a regressive cut in spending.

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