Gilmore for President?

Make no mistake about it, there is indeed a void right now in the prospective 2008 field that is begging to be filled by a candidate that conservatives can wholeheartedly embrace. Is former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore that candidate?

Jonathan Martin reports:

“There is a need for a conservative who’s electable,” Gilmore argues emphatically in a conversation with National Review Online at his Georgetown law office.

And Gilmore has somebody in mind who could fit that bill.

Jim Gilmore.

“I’m considering a national candidacy,” he says bluntly.

He’s been to Iowa four times, South Carolina twice in just the last month, and was in California in August to speak to their state party’s convention. He’s also reached out to longtime GOP activists in some of these key states, sounding them out about a potential White House bid.

To Gilmore, nobody else in the presidential mix has his credentials: Army intelligence officer, local prosecutor, state attorney general, governor, national party leader, and chairman of a terrorism and homeland-security commission that predated 9/11.

And, to the point, Gilmore notes that, “as governor, I governed as a conservative.” While the other top candidates in the field have “to move” to the Right to get right with the base, he’s already there.

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