Earmark reform in Dem hands

Congressional conservatives fought hard at the end of the 109th Congress to ensure that Congress did not leave town with thousands of pork projects in their back pockets. But now, as the nation waits for the gavelling in of the 110th Democrat-led Congress, the reality is that this issue is now up to the Dems.

Robert Novak reports:

The issue of spending reform is now in Democratic hands. Emanuel, the newly elected House Democratic Caucus chairman, on Nov. 17 e-mailed colleagues with a call for reform. The takeover of the House that he led as Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman, Emanuel said, sent a message that “it’s time for a change, and change starts by cleaning up Washington.” But in reiterating the Democratic campaign’s promises to “reform lobbying and ethics rules,” Emanuel did not mention the corrupting influence of earmarks.

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