The future of the RSC

Newly-elected Republican Study Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling is thinking about the future of the RSC. According to RSC staff, he is kicking things off on an open note.

Throughout the afternoon Hensarling’s office will be open to all members of the RSC who have an opinion on where the body of 100-plus conservatives should go from here.

This afternoon will serve as “a come-and-go listening session to solicit counsel on the future of the Republican Study Committee,” said Hensarling’s Communications Director Brad Dayspring.

“The meeting will take place in his office for several hours. This will be the first in a series of listening sessions that Congressman Hensarling will host to seek guidance from Members on ways to improve the RSC and to discuss the role that the RSC should play in the 110th Congress.”

UPDATE: Writing for the WSJ Opinion Journal Political Diary email Stephen Moore notes:

One problem for the RSC going forward is its size. What was once a small, dedicated caucus for unwavering conservatives, of which there are now only about 30 in the entire Congress, expanded to 100 members and lost its hard edge. Members routinely began to wander from RSC positions. Smaller and more principled is probably a better approach for the Study Committee. If there are only 25-30 ideologically committed conservatives, so be it. One of the Hensarling supporters tells me: “Jeb should understand that it’s better not to thin the soup by adding marginal members who don’t believe in half the policy positions we take. Somebody has to take on Nancy Pelosi.” Yes, and at times, Messrs. Boehner and Blunt too.

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