The five-day congressional work week and families

As noted, congressional Democrats are moving to a five day legislative work-week in Congress next year. Some Republicans are criticizing the move:

“Keeping us up here eats away at families,” said Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), who typically flies home on Thursdays and returns to Washington on Tuesdays. “Marriages suffer. The Democrats could care less about families — that’s what this says.”

Markos Moulitsas predictably fires back at Kingston’s charge:

Actually, it says that our elected officials will have to actually work for their salaries. I had no idea that they were such proponents of a 3-day workweek. I’m sure they’ll be writing legislation to give the rest of us that right, what with them being all “pro-family” and all.

Apparently, it also says that there’s a law against members moving their families to Washington D.C.

Of course there is no law against moving family members to DC. But, aside from the expense of doing that, there are political considerations, namely that political opportunists like Kos will use it as a way to attack you. Remember the vitriolic attacks against Rick Santorum?

Santorum did move his family to DC because he wanted to be close to his young kids. But he received nothing but criticism from the Kos crowd. Witness this post from Daily Kos in which Santorum was criticized for exactly this issue:

If you are not a resident of the state, you aren’t allowed to run for the U.S. Senate…

…Rick Santorum needs to convince the voters of Pennsylvania that he lives among them and not just an out-of-towner who used to live here when he was first elected.

Someone from Kos recommended in an email that we try to find out information about his wife’s case in Virginia. The Kos(sack, sian, mopolitan) suggested that in my claims, the court records would start with something like:

Jane Doe (Karen Santorum), of Leesburg Virginia blah blah blah. I agree. Let’s find out where she claimed as her home.

I am not opposed to a five day work week. Neither am I opposed to a three day work week (hey, more often than not the less time for legislating the better off we are). But I do think Kingston has a point about families.

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