Kelo bill in the Senate

Word on the Hill is that Majority Leader Bill Frist will attempt to “hotline” Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe’s eminent domain bill this week. Inhofe’s bill is in response to the Supreme Court Kelo vs. New London decision.

Late last month the Washington Times editorial page called for the Senate to pass Inhofe’s bill which they described as doing the following:

This bill withholds federal economic-development money for two years from states and municipalities which seize unblighted private property, as occurred in the Kelo vs. New London case, for developers to build condos, shopping malls or other projects outside traditional eminent-domain bounds (highways and rails, for instance). This sends the right message: If you take grandma’s house to build a tonier neighborhood in service of boosting city coffers — as New London did — the American taxpayer does not approve. We will not finance your actions.

Supporters of Inhofe’s legislation expect Democrats to object to the bill’s passage.

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