LaRouche wackos disrupt event about Islam

Last week author Robert Spencer was a guest speaker at the Heritage Foundation. The topic of Spencer’s speech was, “The Truth about Muhammed.”

The speech was interrupted towards the end by followers Lyndon LaRouche. An entire account of the interruption can be found here.

A young woman wearing a hat, named Megan (”from Boston”), brought up the subject of child marriage, which Spencer had mentioned when talking about the bad example Muhammad has given to his followers to this day. She asked him if “Republican Congressman Mark Foley was perhaps under the influence of the evil teachings of Muhammad.” Spencer laughed at the question, and bluntly said “No.” Members of the audience also laughed at her question, most likely because of its sheer absurdity. Spencer expanded on his answer, and said, “I never said that child molestation or pedophilia or anything of the kind was exclusively the province of Muslims…. I disapprove of it [this kind of conduct] from Mark Foley or anyone else”…

…Following the applause, people started to file out of the large auditorium at the Heritage Foundation. The man who had been complaining continued to shout, and as I made my way out to the lobby outside the auditorium to get my copies of Spencer’s books signed, I started to hear singing. It sounded like some kind of protest song/jingle. I didn’t really know what they were singing about at the time, but upon the reviewing the streaming video at the link above (starting at the 1:02:00 mark), the words were something like “Mr. Cheney, something something World War Three, one hundred thousand something die, that’s like Nazi genocide.” The song, of course, continued.) Between the Foley question and the jingle singers, it became pretty obvious that there were a handful of leftists that were bent on causing some kind of disruption at the lecture.

The video can be found here…scroll to the 58 minute mark and watch from there.

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