Mel Martinez to head RNC

Ummmmm…are you kidding me?

This appointment will be viewed by many conservatives as a clear indication that the White House does not understand the magnitude of betrayal the conservative base has felt over the last few years. Certainly Senator Mel Martinez is a qualified politician who is capable in many respects of doing the job. But appointing Martinez to this spot will not go over well with many conservatives who were hoping for a conservative with a long track record of advocating limited government.

Martinez may indeed prove to be a good leader, but to do so, I suspect he will need to go above and beyond to gain the trust of conservatives.

One Response to “Mel Martinez to head RNC”

  1. Mayhem Says:

    Absolutely, Tim. This conservative has had it. After a bruising election, and a base that is still raw from the impact, Bush goes and pours whiskey on the wound. He’s going to fracture the party, yet again. This is so frustrating.

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