Who lost?

A conservative Hill friend of mine today in a conversation made a good point. When you look at the fallout from Tuesday’s elections, it becomes apparent that conservatives were least likely to fall victim to the wave, while moderate to liberal Republicans had a tough go at it. He followed up on our conversation with the email that I have pasted below with his permission.

The email breaks it down as he sees it:


*       N Johnson
*       J Leach
*       Bradley
*       Bass
*       Weldon PA
*       Kelly
*       Sweeney
*       Michigan- Schwartz in primary
Race Undecided: CT-02 (Simmons),
Race Undecided PA-06 (Gerlach),
Race Undecided TX-23 (Bonilla),
Race Undecided OH-15 (Pryce),


*       Sherwood
*       Weldon (Penn)
*       Foley seat Florida 16
*       Delay seat Texas 22 (plus hyphenated candidate’s name as a write
*       Ney seat Ohio 18 (replacement filed for bankruptcy months
*     Taylor (earmark investigations)
*     Hayworth (also Abramoff connection)
*     Pombo (abramoff connection, used committee funds for political


*       Colarado 7
*       Arizona 8
*       Iowa 1
*       NY 24
*       Wisc 8


*       Northup (Dem Dist)
*       Chocola (Unpopular R Gov, was Tim Roemer (d) seat before)
*       Sodrel
*       Hostetler (bloody 8th)
*       Jim Ryun
*       Gil Gutknecht
Race Undecided WY-AL (Cubin) –she and her husband have been sick (he
was dying then she had heart attack), she’s missed a ton of votes
Race Undecided NC-08 (Hayes) (textile shut downs?)

Mixed Record

*       Hart (Dem Dist)- (pro-life but pro-union, pro-527 legislation
*       Fitzpatrick (this was greenwood’s seat)
Race Undecided NM-01 (Wilson),
Race Undecided WA-08 (Reichert),
Race Undecided: MI-09 (Knollenberg),
Race Undecided OH-02 (Schmidt),

*       Shaw

4 Responses to “Who lost?”

  1. Billy Joe Says:

    That’s a long list under “Scandal” and unfortunately, it looks to get a bit longer (Doolittle, Hastert?). The relentless barrage of corruption really hurt the GOP.

    What about Santorum & Allen? They were pretty hard-core conservatives (at least as defined by the modern Republican Party) yet they were fired.

  2. barbara eckstien Says:

    The moderates were ‘moderate’ because they come from districts with moderate voters. Since they chose to be identified with a republican party which is no longer conservative, fiscally or intrusively, their moderate constiuents threw them out. Goldwater would be turning in his grave at the distance the republicans have moved from conservatism, which includes keeping the government out of private lives.

    A true conservative would not have gotten involved in Terri Shiavo’s family business. Nor would a true conservative be fiscally unsound as the republican party has been.

    So, in districts where constiuents have true conservative values: keep out of my private life and don’t overspend on pork and give no-bid contracts to companies you used to work for, the republican candidates were, at a slightly higher number, voted down.

    In districts where constituents vote based on ideals that include intrusion into your neighbor’s life and fear, which are not conservative values, the republican incumbant kept his/her seat. This is what went on.

    Also, from your list above the difference between the number seats that by your definition were conservative and lost versus the number of moderates that lost is only two. And if you include Santorum and Allen in the conservative list, your argument is moot. You also didn’t mention OH-2, Jean Schmidt which is still in play with some 12000 absentee ballots to count.

  3. Michael C Says:

    Do you want to know the real reason that the Dems took control. They were able to paint the republicans as a two issue party. Abortion and Gay marriage period. Yes the war is going badly but what war doesn’t. I disagree with people who say there is such a thing as a “good war”. I served in the USCG and my wife is on active duty and we both voted dem. The conservatives need to tell the “SEX” people in their party to shut up or they won’t get smaller government, less taxes, smart defense spending ….. All the other things that make good conservatives. The Libertarians are starting to make all the sense to me. Just like Hestson said “From my cold Dead hands”

  4. Thorley Winston Says:

    One thing about Congressman Gil Gutknecht from the 1CD of MN. Gutknecht was elected in 1994 and imposed a 12-year term limit on himself. The DFL chair remarked on election night that his district by not reelecting him to a 7th term was simply holding him to this 1994 pledge. I wonder how many others who were defeated Tuesday night also had term limit pledges and were trying to break them.

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