McCain-Feingold update

Paul Teller at the RSC blog has this timely reminder:

Just a quick reminder that we are currently living under the speech-muzzling McCain-Feingold/ Shays-Meehan law (Public Law 107-155), which makes it harder for citizens groups and individual citizens to participate effectively in the campaign process.  For now, McCain-Feingold/ Shays-Meehan Part Deux (H.R. 513), which would muzzle groups like the College Republican National Committee and the Club for Growth, is dead.  But expect the campaign finance “reformers” to be back in action in 2007 with another push for increased federal campaign speech regulations.  The good news is that conservatives, led by RSC Chairman Mike Pence, will again push a freedom-based approach (H.R. 1316) to campaign finance.  Stay tuned…

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