GOP leadership praises Secure Fence Act signing

House GOP leaders Dennis Hastert, John Boehner and Roy Blunt today held a conference call with conservative bloggers in which they praised the President’s signing of the Secure Fence Act. “This is a good day for us,” said Hastert.

The trio emphasized securing the borders as the first step towards legitimate national security.

Also of note, John Hawkins of Right Wing News asked if there had been any efforts to get secure members in the House to cough up some of their campaign funds to help not-so-safe members in tough races (Hawkins was referencing this story).

Hastert said that those members have been asked to give “more than 10 percent” of their funds and Boehner ensured listeners that many of those members would indeed be forking over the cash soon.

For more on the Secure Fence Act see Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s blog post here.

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