National Journal taunts conservative ’sphere

I like this little challenge from National Journal (subscription only):

You know who they are, the “safe” lawmakers in each party who amass huge warchests and then sit on them, quietly refusing to help vulnerable colleagues publicly begging for cash. Names like Meehan and Shelby come to mind. Sorry, guys. That gig might be up. — In yet another sign of their growing influence, Dem bloggers are shaming unopposed House Dems into donating a combined $26M to Dem candidates. (Bloggers have also nudged cash-heavy WH’08 Dems like Bayh, who has $11.3M in the bank). The Washington Times presses the NRSC’s case today, noting that Shelby, who isn’t up ’til ‘10, has a whopping $11.6M on hand (he spent a total of $1.9M in his ‘04 campaign). Will the right’s less active blogosphere join the chorus? — The debate focuses squarely on House Dems and Senate GOPers, highlighting a bizarre truth about cong. campaign cmtes. While the DSCC and NRCC traditionally have little trouble raising money from members, the NRSC and DCCC have long equated such tasks with pulling teeth. Will faceless bloggers achieve what powerful colleagues have failed to do?

UPDATE: John Hawkins is all over it.

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