This should be good

U2 will be playing the pregame music tonight in the Super Dome as the NFL returns to New Orleans.

This is guaranteed to put Pink’s annoying new gig to shame.

2 Responses to “This should be good”

  1. kyle8 Says:

    I was never much of a U2 fan back in the 1980’s-early 1990’s mostly because
    I just wasn’t much into popular music at that time.
    In recent years, I have come to really like their music.

    I also, as a conservative, have a great deal of respect for Bono believe it or not. That is because he has always been on message even at the very earliest period, so I don’t see his advocacy as some sort of publicity grandstanding.

    Furthermore, his attitude has always been, “come Join me”, not “Up yours you stinking cold hearted right winger”.

  2. Tim Says:

    Well said. I often disagree with Bono’s specific policy prescriptions but find myself almost always agreeing with his overall objective. And as you point out, he is all ears when it comes to differing opinions about how to achieve certain objectives.

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