Who is guarding the Capitol?

This week an intruder crashed a car through gates surrounding the Capitol building and ran into the Capitol without being stopped. Then, a worker in the Capitol flag shop apprehended the guy! Paging Capitol Police…where the heck were you!? What if this guy had a gun or a bomb?

The Hill reports:

A flag-shop worker, not the U.S. Capitol Police, first subdued an armed intruder in the Capitol this week, according to Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Thad Cochran (R-Miss.).

“A guy who worked in the flag shop grabbed him,” Cochran said yesterday. “[The worker is] a big guy.”

Cochran said his staff told him the intruder was near the flag shop and “looked suspicious.”

The still-unidentified flag-shop worker “just assumed [the intruder] didn’t belong in the Capitol,” seized him and held him until Capitol Police arrived on the scene.

It was “an act of courage,” Cochran said.

The Architect of the Capitol’s office did not return several requests for comment.

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