House border security measures

Majority Whip Roy Blunt was joined by Representatives Dan Lungren and Ed Royce in a blogger conference call this afternoon to talk about the House of Representatives’ efforts to secure the border. Below are my sketchy notes from the call:

According to Blunt, the summer House hearings convinced members that a border security first approach to immigration reform was the only way to go.

John Hawkins asked Blunt if he could get a commitment to a continued border security first approach after the fall elections:

“Yes you can, we started down that path last year,” said Blunt. “House members are more and more convinced about how this needs to be addressed.”

Tom Bevan asked about the news stories over the summer saying immigration reform was dead. How did the media get it so wrong?

“This was our plan all along,” said Blunt. “The MSM didn’t believe that we were taking this issue that seriously.”

Robert Bluey asked about Chairman Mike Pence’s compromise immgration reform plan:

Blunt said that Leadership has not taken a position on the plan. He thinks citizenship should not be an alternative for people who came here illegally and that they should have to go back home and start over again. To me, that sounded like a veiled repudiation of the Pence plan.

Lungren made the point that even if you want a plan with a temporary guest worker program you have to secure the border first. He also said the fact that people thought this issue was dead but it is now moving forward shows the power of this issue.

Royce’s best point in my opinion, “border security has become national security.”

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