Warner continues to hold up chaplain prayer provision

The Washington Times:

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John W. Warner is blocking a House defense bill provision that would give military chaplains more freedom to pray as they see fit, saying he wants to put the matter off until 2007, a stance that angers House Republicans and conservative groups.

“It’s so important. Should two or three members of Congress try to resolve it when there’s many people who want to be involved?” Mr. Warner, Virginia Republican, said yesterday.

He said he hasn’t taken a position on the language itself, but will “strongly recommend” House and Senate hearings on the dispute early next year.

Conservative bloggers are picking up on the story:

A blogger on redstate.com yesterday afternoon posted a comment that read: “What Does John Warner Have Against Jesus? Excuse Me, I Meant J***s.”

Mr. Warner said that he is being “besieged” by bloggers and phone calls but that he takes issue with anyone who questions his faith.

More here.

UPDATE: Representative Todd Akin blogs about this issue here and Representative Steve King does so here.

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