What would you cut?

Last weekend, on Meet the Press, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Bob Casey, Jr. complained about the growing federal deficit. MTP host Tim Russert then asked him what federal program he would cut. Casey’s response was symptomatic of the problem plaguing his party, they have no answer to that question. Chris Matthews humorous reaction below is dead on.

For all of the big spending the Republicans have done while in power, at least they would have multiple answers to this seemingly simple question.

4 Responses to “What would you cut?”

  1. kyle8 Says:

    I would start with ALL Ag subsidies, including charging companies market prices to use public lands. Then I would move on the the SBA, FEMA, and the EPA and find out what can be cut, and what can be just done away with.
    Then I would reform military procurement. Then I would defund the NEA, CPB, and Legal Services.
    Thats for starters.

  2. Anon Says:

    What’s wrong with Ag subsidies? Many conservative members of congress understand the importance of agriculture to our society and support these programs. Do we want to be reliant on other countries for our food and fiber like we are with oil??? BTW, Ag subsidies are less than 1/2 of 1% of the federal budget and the US has the cheapest and safest food supply in the world thanks to these subsidies.

  3. Paris Hilton Says:

    Are you kidding Anon? Cotton is one of our most heavily subsidized crops. Eaten any cotton balls lately? Subsides may keep food prices for us artificially low and promote waste, but they wreak havoc on other markets trying to compete (we have billions in ag trade surplus). Less than .5% of the budget still means we’re spending 16-20 billion dollars a year to prop up corporate farms that deplete our water supply, and till under our wetlands growing more food than we need. The conservative members of congress you mentioned should be ashamed to support protectionist policies running counter to the free market philosophy they supposedly espouse.

  4. Anon Says:

    No I haven’t eaten any cotton balls lately, but I have drank milk lately (dairy cows are fed cottonseed) and I have eaten some potato chips which many are fried in cottonseed oil, not to mention the amount of cotton clothes I wear everyday. US supports do not wreak havoc on other countries trying to compete, US supports are necessary to create a level playing field with other countries who subsidize far far more than we do (look at the EU budget, Brazil’s numbers, and what numbers you can find on China). I don’t know how you define a corporate farm, but most farms are family owned and operated and if you’re going strictly off of size, you should go to Brazil sometime. Your comment about tilling under wetlands is just absurd, there are laws against that and farmers do a tremendous amount of conservation, they’re not out there raping the land as you would suggest. Unfortunately farming isn’t much of a free market to begin with and it’s not Congress’ fault. What other industry buys all it’s imputs at retail and then sells it’s outputs at wholesale, while competing against other countries who have little if any environmental laws and are heavily subsidized. One last thing, as for growing more food than we need, that’s the great thing about America, we always have more than we need and it should always be that way, that’s part of being a super power; and FYI American’s consume more cotton textile products than we grow cotton in the US.

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