Hitchens gives Maher’s audience the finger

It’s hard to fault Christopher Hitchens for his outburst yesterday on Bill Maher’s show. Here we have Hitchens explaining a deadly serious situation wherein Iranian President Ahmadinejad has for all intents and purposes made clear his desire to bring about a third world war when he is interrupted by Maher. While explaining the warped worldview of the maniacal Iranian who thinks the messiah is about to return Maher interjects, “so does George W. Bush, by the way.”

Then Maher’s acolytes of moral equivalence who warm the seats in his studio burst into doting applause.

Hitchens proceeds to correctly call the audience “frivolous” because they will clap at any senseless blather that seeps from their high priest Maher’s mouth, and then he loses it.

“F*&^ you, f%$ you,” says Hitchens as he gives the audience the middle finger.

Dealing with Bill Maher is frustrating enough, I suspect being subjected to the idiotic scorn of his legions of lemmings is downright maddening.

Watch the train reck unfold here.

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