Exposing earmarks

A broad coalition of bloggers, outside groups and media organizations have come together to build a comprehensive database that compiles over 1800 pork projects contained in the Labor Health and Human Services Appropriations bill. The Club for Growth’s Andy Roth helps explain:

In an unprecedented move, we then proceeded to transcribe those pork projects into a massive database that illustrated what the project was, the dollar amount, and the city and state where it was located (but even that wasn’t always possible since these projects are sometimes vaguely described).

What we also couldn’t do was readily identify the lawmakers who requested each project. Because earmark reform has, not surprisingly, stalled in Congress, politicians can still get away with allocating millions of dollars without any accountability.

The DC Examiner asks its readers to help with this problem:

Check out the earmarks for your state and then call your congressman and ask if he or she sponsored any of your state’s earmarks. If the answer is yes, ask why the congressman’s name isn’t on the earmark. If you recognize the institution designated to receive the earmarked tax dollars, call them and ask them what they intend to do with your money.

Then email us at with the subject line “Earmarks” and tell us what you found out. The Examiner will be asking more questions about who got the earmarks and why, so your information could be very important. You will be part of an army of citizen journalists determined to shine some much-needed light on spending decisions made behind closed doors by powerful Members of Congress.

The Examiner lists the projects state by state for easy navigation. The Sunlight Foundation is helping lead this pork-busting extravaganza.

UPDATE: More bloggers weighing in…Instapundit and Robert Bluey.

UPDATE: N.Z. Bear’s page with graphs and stats is a must read.

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    […] The Washington Post reports on the blogosphere porkbusting efforts: A coalition of odd bedfellows is trying to bring more transparency to earmarking by encouraging citizens to get involved in tracking who is trying to get what money for which special interest. And all of this will be online and available to the public. […]

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