Crybaby Kim revives old D.C. debate

In my column today I add to this post from yesterday in which I wrote about Kim Jong Il’s recent provocations highlighting the need for improved missile defenses.

From the column via Human Events:

Precursors to a coming renewal of the missile-defense debate were visible even before North Korea’s provocations. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions offered an amendment on June 22 that would add $45 million to the Pentagon’s missile-defense program. The Sessions amendment amazed observers by passing 98-0. The unanimous passage was out of character for the Democrats who have fought increased funding for missile defense for decades.

Also, on the June 26 Fox News Sunday show, Sen. John Warner, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told host Chris Wallace that we should “anticipate that such missile defenses that we have now in place—and it’s been a struggle through the Congress to get the money to put these defenses in—they will be utilized to the extent they can.”

Warner’s reference to struggle in Congress was a jab at the Democrats. The ranking Democrat on Warner’s Committee —Carl Levin, who was sitting adjacent—did not respond. After all, Levin has been one of the chief opponents of missile defense, most recently leading a failed effort to defund the program by $50 million.

This effort to kill a national missile defense was just the latest in a long series of similar attempts. When President Bill Clinton took office in 1992, it took his administration only about 100 days to announce the death of President Reagan’s vision for a national missile defense, and the Democratic House of Representatives was happy to go along. In fact, in subsequent defense budgets House Democrats proposed even less funding for any sort of missile defense than President Clinton did.

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