Weekend links…and video (Happy 4th!)

I’ll be on vacation for the next 3-4 days with limited to no internet access so posting will be sporadic at best.

Lot’s of links for the long weekend:

  • Contrarian thoughts on Hillary, flag-burning, the Times and “The View.”
  • NRO changing tune on GOP majority?
  • Superman: Screw you Mr. President
  • I am flattered!
  • Festival of blog bits
  • The next Passion of the Christ? (video)
  • If there were a “geekiest state in America”, this would be it
  • Congress in danger of failing
  • iPod slang?
  • This is the best Bin Laden can do?
  • Some of my best friends are journalists
  • Senate GOP preparing to give Bush a black eye
  • Top 10 beer cities in America (DC makes the list)
  • Alito’s impact
  • Great news for the GOP?

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