Ted Stevens strikes again

Seriously, this man could find an earmark for anything. Today, Congressional Quarterly ($) reports:

Republican Ted Stevens is looking out for Alaska’s salmon industry — and for babies everywhere.

For the third year in a row, Alaska’s senior senator has set aside money in the fiscal 2007 Agriculture spending bill (HR 5384) for development of baby food made from salmon. The $450,000 earmark in the Appropriations Committee’s report gives direction regarding part of a $1 million line item for “alternative salmon product research.”

…“Given its overwhelming nutritional value for children, Sen. Stevens believes finding ways to incorporate omega-3 into baby food and formula is a project worthy of attention and the [Agriculture Department] agrees,” said Lindsay Hayes, the senator’s spokeswoman.

And I am sure the Alaskan Fisheries think it’s a good idea as well. After all, it’s much easier to turn a profit with a good hefty injection of taxpayer dollars.

Sadly this is not a surprise. This powerful Senator does things like this on a regular basis.

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  1. Jason Coleman Says:

    Hi there Tim, caught your defense of holds and thought I’d take a look around.

    I wanted to jump in here and say that while I agree that Sen. Stevens is a bit of a porkmeister (ok, he is), but I’m going to disagree with you that this is a less than worthwhile project for our government to fund.

    Probably the most important activity a government can undertake (after National Defense) is ensuring an environment where a surplus of food and energy is produced for it’s people. Without these two surpluses in place the nation is doomed.

    So to Salmon. Anything we could do to expand aquaculture in this nation should be looked at as a positive, additionally, development in our last real frontier (Alaska) and our shared frontier (the seas) is something we really need as a nation, it’s mazimizing the use of the resources we have. Increased food supplies are a primary economic driver (wouldn’t you agree?).

    I would be happy to jump on Stevens for this, if the project were actually PORK like the bridge to nowhere was, but a earmark that A) produces expansion of food availability and diversity and B) produces economic development in our frontier seems to me like something worth throwing some government might (read: money) at.

    Other than this so far, great commentary, I’ll be back and I’m throwing you a link, although with today’s Instalanche, I don’t think you’ll be needing it.


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