Obama talks faith, ticks off netroots

By talking about faith in the public square and the Democratic Party’s discomfort and sometimes outright hostility towards it Democratic Senator Barack Obama is the target of the liberal netroots ire. This Howard Kurtz column covers the happenings:

Barack Obama, after leading a charmed political existence, has suddenly become controversial.

The Illinois senator gave a speech at a Washington church the other day in which he talked about the importance of religion in the public square and how Democrats should not be seen as hostile to organized religion. He also talked about the importance of Christ in his life.

Suddenly, the party’s golden boy, talked up as part of the 2008 ticket despite having been in the Senate for only about an hour and a half, is losing a bit of his luster.

Kurtz goes on to quote lefty bloggers and their negative reactions to Obama. The narrative essentially is, “we are not hostile to people of faith! Now that Obama has said this people are going to think we are!”

It’s silly…it really is. If the netroots can’t understand that their chosen party has a serious issue with people of faith then they are blind to political reality. When was the last time the Democratic Party carried a significant chunk of the evangelical vote?

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