How to define amensty

John Tierney has an interesting column in today. He points out the shifting attitudes toward the word amnesty depending on various definitions:

If you’re still terrified of the A-word, consider how Republicans defined it in the [Tarrance Group] poll. It made a big difference how an immigrant went about applying for legal status. If he could apply while staying in America, that was considered a form of amnesty by nearly 60 percent of the respondents. But if he had to go back to his native country and apply, then only 22 percent called it amnesty.

To Mike Pence, that poll result is a “window of opportunity.” Pence, the Indiana Republican who leads the House conservative caucus, is dead set against the Senate immigration bill, which he considers amnesty. But he thinks there’s a deal to be made before the election by giving immigrants an incentive to go to their home countries in order to get a visa.
Pence wants to beef up border security immediately, and then, once the measures are in place two years later, open up “Ellis Island centers” in Mexico and Central American countries that would quickly match foreign workers with American companies.

For more thoughts on the Pence plan go here.

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