Flag amendment fails

As expected, the constitutional amendment to ban descration of the American flag failed today by one vote. The roll call tally is yet to be posted…should be up here soon.

UPDATE: Three Republicans voted against: Mitch McConnell, Lincoln Chafee and Bob Bennett. Multiple Democrats crossed the aisle to joing Republicans in voting for the amendment.

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  1. TimChapmanBlog.com » Blog Archive » Flag burning amendment one vote shy Says:

    […] UPDATE 6:40 pm Tuesday: The amendment failed by one vote. […]

  2. Dominick Says:

    Well, I can’t say I’m surprised by Senator Chafee, who seems to love to be the darling of liberals on anything important.

    But Senator McConnell and Senator Bennett have now not only deprived the states of an opportunity to speak on the issue through the ratification process, but have also deprived the Republican Party of the issue in races against Senators against it like Cantwell, Menendez, Byrd, etc. We couldn’t keep our own caucus together - Sens. McConnell and Bennett were just as much the “deciding votes” as the others.

    I’m especially disappointed with Sen. McConnell. Will he be facing any challenge for the Leader position in the next Congress?

  3. Tim Says:

    No, I expect McConnell to sail into the Majority Leader position when Frist vacates it. Nobody has singaled any intention of challenging him that I know of.

  4. Dominick Says:

    I went looking at the debate on the Amendment in the Congressional Record and found this interesting point made by Senator Hatch yesterday:

    “Some of the most compelling statements on behalf of an amendment have come from my colleague from North Dakota, Senator Conrad. In the past, he argued forcefully for an amendment to fix this problem:

    “Because I believe that the flag should have legal protection, I supported statutes last year and today to protect the American flag. But these attempts have failed. And now we are left with no other choice if we believe that the flag deserves protection.

    “Senator Conrad went on to say:

    “We should let the States decide this matter. If we fail to adopt an amendment today, we will deny the States the right to express their views on this matter.

    “That was a statement made in 1990.

    “By approving the constitutional amendment before us, we will foster a healthy debate in this country about the Bill of Rights, the freedoms we enjoy, our constitutional guarantees, and how we can legally and legitimately protect the flag. It is for these reasons that I will support a constitutional amendment in this body and let the people decide this important matter.

    “I agree with that. That statement was made on June 26, 1990. He was right. This is the way to create a debate all over the country that would be a debate on virtue and values. I couldn’t have said it better myself than the way Senator Conrad said it in 1990. An amendment really is the only way.”

    And yet, Senator Conrad was one of the votes against the Amendment. One has to wonder what changed other than pressure from people like Harry Reid to cave to liberal interests. I hope Senator Conrad’s opponent in North Dakota will make the Senator tell his constituents why he now thinks that the people of his own and other states’ shouldn’t get a chance to speak on this matter. My guess is the people of ND might not be so keen on the Senator’s flip-flop.

  5. Dominick Says:

    Might Santorum make a run if he manages to pull off his re-election?

  6. Tim Says:

    I don’t think so…Santorum has been very forthright about his intention to run for the Whip slot and not Majority Leader. See here for Santorum’s most recent statement on that:


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