Flag burning amendment one vote shy

Supporters of a constitutional amendment to ban burning of the American flag say they are one vote shy of having the constitutionally mandated two thirds of the Senate needed to pass the proposed change to the constitution.

And to tell you the truth, I suspect many of those supporters are just fine with the whip count being right where it is.

When the Senate finishes debate this week on the amendment, if nothing changes Republicans will fall one vote shy of their bid. That means that every Democratic Senator up for reelection this year who votes against the amendment cast the deciding vote — at least as far as their Republican opponent is concerned. It becomes an election year issue and a campaign stump speech. For supporters of the amendment, that is a nice consolation prize in the wake of losing the Senate vote.

UPDATE 6:40 pm Tuesday: The amendment failed by one vote.

10 Responses to “Flag burning amendment one vote shy”

  1. Theway2k Says:

    America needs a Constitutional Convention to fix a lot of things that Leftists have screwed up. The Flag is just one thing.

  2. actus Says:

    I cant believe these morons actually are close to doing this. Say goodbye to sexy flag swimsuits.

  3. Tim Says:

    Like I said, I think the 66 number is where the whip count will stay. I may be wrong — but I am pretty sure about it. So Actus, your sexy flag swimsuits are safe…

  4. Cato Says:

    I detest the thougth of this amendment. I cringe when I see folks burning the flag, but I cringe even more when I see the government taking about liberties.


    Congress is now debating a resolution to amend the Constitution prohibiting desecration of our flag. The House of Representatives has just approved it and the motion now goes before the Senate, which is expected to approve it by a narrow margin.


    I am wholeheartedly in favor of a Constitutional amendment banning desecration of the great Stars ‘n Stripes. Before presenting the motion to the States for ratification, the new amendment should be strongly worded so that the flag receives its proper respect and must, without reservation, include the following provisions:

    1) The right to display The Flag freely shall be limited to the federal government.

    2) Display of The Flag shall be restricted to federal land and federal buildings.

    3) Possession of The Flag by persons other than those within the federal government or in the direct employ of the federal government shall be strictly prohibited.

    4) Sales and distribution of The Flag, its image, or any facsimile thereof shall be solely the responsibility of the federal government. Commercial or non-commercial sales and/or distribution of The Flag, its image, or any facsimile thereof by any private or state institution, company, entity, or individual shall be strictly prohibited.

    5) Display and usage of The Flag, its image, or any facsimile thereof for any occasion and/or use shall be strictly prohibited except as stated in number 1) above.

    6) The Flag shall be referred to only as “The Flag of the United States of America”. Any other reference to The Flag (including well-known designations such as “Old Glory”, “Stars ‘n Stripes”, “Bars and Stars”, et. al) shall be strictly prohibited.

    7) Oral reference to The Flag by persons or institutions outside the federal government shall be limited to normal conversation, hereby defined as non-amplified and non-disseminated conversation between no more than three (3) persons at any one time. Oral reference to The Flag shall not exceed more than two (2) references per hour per gathering as prescribed by number 6) above.

    8) Oral and written references to The Flag in recorded and broadcast media, whether digital, analog, or by other freely disseminated means, shall be strictly prohibited.

    9) The Flag shall not be deified, venerated, exalted, or used to further idolatry. This applies to any individual, group, commercial/non commercial enterprise, organization, gathering, media, or any other entity outside the federal government.

    10) Any display, use, sale, or expression regarding The Flag not expressly authorized by this document shall be strictly prohibited.

    This should just about do it. No more tacky lawn displays, stupid lapel pins, inane pledges, and cheap TV graphics. No more flag-waving media pundits, infuriating bumper stickers, and ugly coffee cups (Made in China). No more wasted time before ball games. In short, no more disrespect to the sacred symbol of our beloved Homeland.

    But until such time that these protections to The Flag are fully in place, I will do with the flag pretty much damn well as I please. Whether its wrapping myself in it or using it to train puppies, it’s my flag as much as yours.

    As it always should be.

  6. TimChapmanBlog.com » Blog Archive » Flag amendment fails Says:

    […] As expected, the constitutional amendment to ban descration of the American flag failed today by one vote. The roll call tally is yet to be posted…should be up here soon. […]

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