Weekend links…and video

  • Constitutional convention?
  • The Senate passed what!?
  • Rush on the Heritage “24″ event
  • The great society subway
  • Who died and left the NY Times in charge?
  • Jerome Armstrong’s nutroots
  • Missing WMD found…
  • I finally break 1000
  • Most controversial movies EVER
  • How to tune in to BloggerCon
  • It’s not about homosexuality
  • White House engages new media

3 Responses to “Weekend links…and video”

  1. Syndicate Says:

    Nice vid…Bono is such a schmoozer…

  2. Kim Priestap Says:


    I bookmarked your new blog. I’ll check in often.


  3. Tim Says:

    Thanks Kim,

    Always good to have one of Wizbang\’s finest checking in.

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