John Hawkins has what I think is the definitive summary of this story about two of the liberal blogosphere’s most beloved darlings. In his summary Hawkins is more than charitable, giving Kos and Armstrong the benefit of the doubt. Of all the inferential evidence suggesting a possible link between payments Armstrong received and the sequential support of the Kos community for Armstrong clients Hawkins writes:

So, does this all point to a Kos/Armstrong backdoor deal? Although some of these maneuvers on Kos’s part are admittedly more than a little bit suspicious, it doesn’t mean that he’s on the take…

Put it all together and the most likely explanation would seem to be that Kos is good friends with Armstrong and pays a lot of attention to what he tells him. In other words, one of the fringe benefits of hiring Armstrong may be knowing that your consultant appears to have a lot of sway with the guy running the biggest liberal blog on the net. Now, if that was all there was to it, I wouldn’t bother to write about it.

But, in the course of reacting to this story, Kos sent out a missive to a private email list of liberal bloggers called “Townhouse” — and told them not to discuss the story. Wait a second…there’s a list of liberal bloggers out there where they discuss what stories are to be talked about and what stories are going to be ignored? Well, well, well.

Read the whole post if your interested in this blogosphere drama.

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