Repealing the Death Tax would be double good

If Senate conservatives overcome the odds this Thursday and invoke cloture on the Death Tax Repeal bill not only will the unjust and excessively punitive death tax be on the fast track to repeal, but a vote on the race-based creation of a new Native Hawaiian government will be delayed.

The Senate schedule currently calls for the consideration of the Akaka bill after the consideration of Death Tax repeal. If conservatives break a Democratic filibuster against the Death Tax Repeal the Senate will be forced to debate the Death Tax for an extended period of time — leaving opponents of race-based governing more time to garner the necessary votes to kill the Akaka bill.

As reported below, opponents of Akaka are close…but I think need more time.

Word on the Hill is that some of those opponents will organize a press conference tomorrow to help rally the troops. Will it be too little too late? I hope not.

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  1. actus Says:

    Yes. A few people would be very happy.

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